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Synthetic Air Compressor Oil that is available in five ISO grades and covers a extensive array of equipment and operational conditions is a high quality and fully synthetic lubricant based on cutting-edge dieter technology. And synthetic air compressor oil of every grade offers significant advantages over mineral oils in high temperature applications by ensuring long service life of the equipment with minimal deposits and sludge. These lubricants have excellent resistance against oxidation hence provides up to 10 times longer service life than that of the mineral oils.

Our Synthetic Air Compressor Oil at OMSC is formulated to deliver up to three times longer oil drain intervals than any other synthetic air compressor lubricant. These oils protect and offer an extended service life in vane and rotary screw air compressors and are designed for severe service such as high ending compression temperatures or extended oil drain breaks where other synthetic oils do not meet service life expectations. Our Synthetic Air Compressor Oils also offer greatly reduced deposits in single as well as multi stage reciprocating air compressors. Also, major improvements in performances of gear reducers, fan and blower bearings, pumps, mist systems and other applicationswhere superior rust and oxidation inhibited oils are specified is seen as compared to the mineral oils.

Features of Our Synthetic Air Compressor Oil

  • Exceptional durability that enhances safety
  • Extended Oil Drain Intervals supporting Sustainability Efforts
  • Minimal deposits and sludge
  • Excellent performance both in high as well as low temperature
  • Protects Equipment Leading Boost in the Productivity
  • Minimized costs and delays in air compressor maintenance
  • Offers Long equipment life by providing protection against wear, rust and corrosion
  • Outstanding protection under extreme service conditions
  • Potential Energy saving
  • Reduced foaming and air entrainment
  • Outstanding Protection against corrosion

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