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High performance and high temperature grease

High temperature greases are generally used for hot and grease lubricated equipment. And the lubricants we offer at Oman Mechanical Services Ltd LLC (OMSC) are specifically formulated for high temperature applications. As these high temperature greases are targeted to be used in high temperature ranges, these offer low evaporation and extraordinarily stable lubrication performance at temperatures beyond the range of PFPE based oils or conventional hydrocarbon based lubricants.

Our high temperature greases offer several other properties such as anti-corrosion, non-melting and extra bonding. As these lubricants are available in numerous grades these serve a wide variety of industries including textile, tire, chemical, aviation, glass, plastic film, conveyor, oil and gas, non-woven manufacturing, mining as well as metal processing.

Benefits of the high temperature greases at OMSC are as follows:

  • Are non-flammable i.e. they do not support combustion and provide high temperature stability up to 400 °C
  • Offer low volatility and no oxidation.
  • Provide resistance to high temperature and humidity
  • Are an ideal lubricant for various components, such as bearings, seals, gearboxes,valves, chains, agitators as well as O-rings
  • Offer higher shear stability and load capability
  • Are safe to be used around oxygen and are non-reactive with almost all chemicals used in industrial applications
  • Minimizes the carbon residue formation
  • Contain non-volatile organic compounds or chlorine
  • Improves the longevity of components with less re-lubrication requirements
  • These chemically inert greases have little or no adverse effect on metals below 288 °C temperature.

The high temperature greases we provide are formulated in such a manner that these meet the specific performance requirements of your application. And these applications may include dry furnace, bearing, kilns, motors, blower fans, exhaust fans, furnace door hinges, ID fans, heaters, dryers, steel castings, compacting machines and more.