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Donaldson is a leading supplier of engineered air intake systems for gas turbines and Industrial compressors, for both new and retrofit applications. Their comprehensive technical capabilities, extensive global network, and unrivaled operations and maintenance support help optimize system performance and reduce total cost of ownership in ways no other supplier can match.

Donaldson’s wide breadth of first-fit and aftermarket products and services provide the convenience of a single supplier and one contact for service and trouble-shooting. Filtration is their focus – it’s all they do – and for over a century, customers around the globe have depended on them to help with their filtration needs.

Comprehensive Technical Capabilities

Donaldson is known for developing solutions for specialized applications and solving tough filtration challenges. With in-house engineering expertise and a constant investment in research and development, they continue to drive technological leadership with patented system designs and proprietary filter media such as Spider-Web®  and Turbo-Tek® products. The result is an ever-expanding line of filtration solutions that perform in any application or operating environment – providing you and your operation with:

  • Maximum equipment protection, efficiency, and output
  • Longer equipment and filter life for reduced downtime
  • Reduced total cost of ownership over the life of your equipment

Unrivalled operations & maintenance support

Donaldson value extends beyond great products. Customers also depend on them for application expertise and their ability to solve unique challenges. They provide support throughout the product life-cycle with an extensive offering of products and services, including:

  • Filter testing and reporting services provide optimal system management and protection
  • Technical Field Advisor (TFA) site inspections help anticipate challenges and avoid downtime
  • Dedicated service crews deliver consistent, high quality service
  • Comprehensive product warranty protection
  • Extensive range of replacement filters, parts and accessories

Donaldson was the first to manufacture engineered air intake and pulse system components for gas turbines and industrial compressors. Donaldson has filtration systems to protect large turbines upto 1.2 million cfm or 2 m3/hr, small turbines, micro turbines & compressors

Replacement Filters and Components

Donaldson supplies high-quality filters and parts that meet or exceed original manufacturer performance and offer superior cost-to-quality ratios, including:

Cartridge Filters powered by our high-efficiency filter media

Panel & Compact Filters in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and efficiencies to fit your space requirements. Leak-free, rigid, and non-metal parts

Pulse System valves, solenoids, and controllers

Inlet Hood Components bird screens, moisture separators, control panel upgrades, coalescing media and acoustic weather hoods

Filter Retention Hardware standard yokes, Quick Lock Yokes, and filter clips

Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades

Having performed hundreds of upgrades and modifications globally, we have the experience you can rely on to enhance your inlet system. Donaldson teams of qualified engineers repairs and modify inlet systems to optimize performance and deliver more power to you.  They offer standard replacement and upgrade kits as well as custom modifications for:

  • Higher filtration efficiency
  • Lower operating intake pressure drop
  • Greater moisture control
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Enhanced noise attenuation and access doors
  • Power augmentation with evaporative coolers and chiller coils

Matching Filter Media to Your Environmental Challenge

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