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The high temperature lubricant that we provide at OMSC is used in harsh environments such as mining, metal processing, power generation, textile, aviation, baking, and chemical applications as the base oil of greases that are used with bearings in the high temperatures of automotive electrical components. Our high temperature lubricant provides excellent lubrication properties and is chemically inert, thermally stable, and non-flammable as well as non-volatile that makes it the strongest lubricants available.

The high temperature lubricant we provide is engineered and formulated in order to protect areas where high temperatures can cause lubrication problems due to thinning. Our lubricants are designed for applications in the 400-750 ° F temperature range. These are used in bearings, gears, chains, sliding and various other high temperature mechanical components.

These high temperature lubricants are suitable for lubrication of elements such as roller bearings that operate under severe conditions, ovens, oven fan bearings, rolling mill bearings, crushing and screening equipment, oven racks and furnace hearth rollers, foundries, steel mills and likewise.

Features of Our High Temperature Lubricant:

  • Non-flammable i.e. do not support combustion and provide high temperature stability up to 400 °C
  • Low volatility and no oxidation.
  • Resistance to high temperature and humidity
  • Ideal lubricant for various components
  • Higher shear stability and load capability
  • Safe to be used around oxygen
  • Non-reactive with almost all chemicals used in industrial applications
  • Minimal carbon residue formation
  • Improved longevity of components with less re-lubrication requirements
  • Chemically inert lubricants with little or no adverse effect on metals below 288 °C temperature.

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